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Our Business Funding Services

Commercial Loans

Royce Joseph Capital facilitates the placement of a large and diverse array of commercial loan products. Commercial loans are for the funding of businesses and commercial real estate.

SBA Loans

There are numerous loan programs authorized by the Small Business Administration. The two most popular programs are known as a SBA 7A and SBA 504 loan. Both have different parameters and are very beneficial for the business community.

SBA loans are available for small businesses as defined by the SBA. Professional practices such as doctors, lawyers, architects and accountants are all considered small businesses.

Apartment / Co-opt Loans

Our reach amongst apartment lenders is vast and includes some of the most cost effective programs in the market place today.

Accounts Recievable Loans for Contractors

Access to cash and cash management are crucial to survival in today’s construction environment. Royce Joseph Capital offers a comprehensive suite of contractor financing products designed to provide you with the capital to get the job done.

Accounts Recievable Loans for Healthcare

Royce Joseph Capital understands the cash flow struggles of healthcare providers and can quickly provide funding to pay necessary expenses such as payroll, marketing, equipment purchase and malpractice insurance.

About Royce Joseph Capital

Royce Joseph Capital was founded in April of 2008. As the finance world was just beginning to realize the economy was headed for a down turn entrepreneur and founder of Royce Joseph Capital Todd A. Smith saw an opportunity. Instead of running from the financial markets as many were doing, Mr. Smith founded a commercial funding company.

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