Royce Joseph Capital was founded in April of 2008. As the finance world was just beginning to realize the economy was headed for a down turn entrepreneur and founder of Royce Joseph Capital Todd A. Smith saw an opportunity. Instead of running from the financial markets as many were doing, Mr. Smith founded a commercial funding company.

There is no denying the financial markets drastically slowed down in 2008 and beyond, though they did not completely come to a halt. There was still a trickle of money flowing through the system and a trickle of borrowers needing funding. Royce Joseph Capital greatly assisted those companies still needing to be funded in the downturn of 2008.

Shortly after founding Royce Joseph Capital Mr. Smith spent a week long training session with a local community development company studying the SBA 504 loan and has subsequently packaged and placed loans for countless companies needing these types of loan. Quickly those few lending institutions still loaning money at that time sought out Royce Joseph Capital, greatly increasing the availability of funds to businesses in an array of lending products.

Today, Royce Joseph Capital is a much diversified financial funding company serving the needs of an ever changing business community and business climate.

Much has changed since 2008, the year the economic downturn began and Royce Joseph Capital was founded. One thing has not changed and that is the need of business’s to fuel their companies with capital. Yes, capital is the fuel which runs all companies big and small and Royce Joseph Capital is fueling those businesses on an ongoing basis.