Royce Joseph Capital facilitates the placement of a large and diverse array of commercial loan products. Commercial loans are for the funding of businesses and commercial real estate.

The business loans available can be used for the acquisition of new businesses, the expansion of existing businesses or for the purchase of new or used equipment. This type of loan product includes but, is not limited to asset based loans, which are loans specifically provided against the value of equipment and machinery and can be used for new or used machinery and equipment.

Commercial real estate loans are for the purchase, refinance, construction and renovation of real estate, whether the property is owner occupied or an investment piece of real estate. A real estate bridge loan is short term financing, used for the purpose of the repositioning of real estate either due to a poor financial situation that needs to be corrected, a revenue generating piece of real estate needing to be quickly stabilized or, when an opportunity arises and the property needs close quickly.